Responsible Gambling

Gambling should be fun and enjoyable experience. In Casino Critique we advice our visitors to stop gambling when they feel that they are chasing their lose. It’s not easy when you become addicted but following some set of suggestions and using the information you can sober from gambling completely.

In this page we will give information and will try to educate our visitors about the gambling symptoms, type of addictions and how to treat it. You are always advised to seek professional help though.

Gambling addiction

Do you feel uncountable urge to continue gambling or do you feel that in the next round you are going to recover your loss?

When you feel uncountable urge to wager in various casinos or even in the same casino platform, believing a little to recover your loss but you are still wagering days after days without caring about your finance, family, friends eventually your health then you are addicted to gambling. This emotional loss will take to the edge of your life socially, emotionally and physically. Depending on the time you are continuing the same thing you have already lost a lot.

There are few types of gambling addictions

  • Pathological Gambling Disorder: Also known as compulsive gambling or gambling addiction, this is characterized by an inability to control gambling impulses despite negative consequences. People with this disorder often engage in excessive gambling and may experience withdrawal symptoms when trying to cut back.
  • Binge Gambling: This type involves sporadic, intense gambling episodes that are followed by periods of abstinence. Individuals may gamble heavily for a short period, often fueled by an emotional trigger, and then avoid gambling for some time before the cycle repeats.
  • Online Gambling Addiction: With the rise of online casinos and betting platforms, some individuals become addicted to online gambling. This addiction is similar to other forms of gambling addiction, but the convenience and constant access to gambling sites can exacerbate the issue.
  • Sports Betting Addiction: This addiction revolves around placing bets on sports events. It can lead to compulsive behavior, such as constantly checking scores and placing bets, often driven by the desire to win or recoup losses.
  • Slot Machine Addiction: Also known as “pokies” addiction in some regions, this refers to a specific focus on playing slot machines. The rapid pace of play, lights, and sounds of these machines can intensify addictive behavior.
  • Casino Addiction: Individuals with this addiction are drawn to the overall atmosphere of casinos, including table games, slots, and entertainment. The excitement and anticipation of potential rewards can drive them to gamble excessively.
  • Gambling-Related Financial Problems: Some people may not fit the criteria for a clinical gambling addiction but still experience significant financial distress due to their gambling habits. They might engage in risky behavior that negatively affects their finances.
  • Gambling as an Escape: In some cases, individuals may turn to gambling as a way to escape from stress, anxiety, or other emotional issues. This can lead to addictive behavior as they seek relief through gambling.
  • Compulsive Buying in Gambling: This occurs when an individual becomes addicted not just to the act of gambling, but also to purchasing lottery tickets, scratch cards, or other forms of betting opportunities.

It’s important to note that gambling addiction, like other forms of addiction, can have serious psychological, financial, and social consequences. Seeking professional help and support from addiction specialists or counselors is crucial for individuals struggling with these issues.

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