5 Best Gambling Games At Home With Friends

There’s a wide range of fun gambling games that you can play at home — this includes poker and slots in online casinos. Everyone likes playing a certain type of game in the comfort of their home, whether it’s family gambling games, casino games, or betting on sports events. 

While it’s fun to gamble in traditional casinos, it’s more interesting to be able to play your favorite gambling games at home by yourself or with your friends while setting the house limits as you see fit!

This article guide explains the interesting gambling games you can play at home — including what makes them a perfect choice.

playing gambling games at home with friends

1. Betting on sports events

Betting on sports events is easy nowadays, and you can do this in the comfort of your home or anywhere else through online casinos. You can bet on different varieties of sports on online casinos which include but are not limited to soccer, basketball, ice hockey, tennis, and American football.

These sports events are exceptionally fun when you bet on them and can watch them at home by yourself or with friends — moreover, you can bet any amount you want on these games.

Also, there are several markets to choose from — depending on your prediction skills, it can make things more fun!

2. Casino games – High-Low

While there are a lot of casino games to play, we’ll use the casino game: dice: high-low as an example — this game is super fun to play and just like you play dice game, you can equally play this with money online casinos to spice up the fun.

The game is about predicting when the dice’s number will be high or low after rolling it. So, when you predict correctly you win but if you don’t you lose.

Most bookmakers may allow you to even bet less than $1 on each round of the game, but if you want to bet higher than that, you could.

3. Poker

Poker is a very popular game known by many — you can play poker in an online casino in the comfort of your home or host a poker night with your friends. Playing poker online is also fun and you don’t have to worry about someone starting a fight just because they lose what they can’t handle.

Nowadays, bookmarkers have video poker games that you can play with live dealers and other players while you are at your home.

When it comes to hosting a poker night, it can be fun among loyal friends where everyone spreads a limit and bets a low amount of money ranging from $1 to $5 on each round just for fun.

4. Blackjack

Just like Poker, you can play Blackjack at home in online casinos or with your friends and it’s super fun because the game’s rule is simple. 

Most people may even be skilled enough to count the cards and win, however, one might need to be very skilled to pull this off. Playing Blackjack in an online casino means that you’ll have to play against a dealer — and to win, you will need to have a hand with a higher value than the dealer’s hand but doesn’t exceed 21. You can also win if you stay under 22 and the dealer has a higher value than 22.

5. High Cards

Betting on high cards is a simple game that’s similar to Dice: High-Low, however, you only win when you have a high number and will be playing with a card instead of a dice in this instance. You can bet on this game on online casinos or at home with your friends.

It’s as easy as this, you only need to place your bets and pull a card. The highest card takes the pot.

Most of these games don’t require you to have any skill, a simple explanation is all you need to get started — however, keep in mind to always bet what you can afford to lose, it’s all to have fun and not a money-making strategy!


There are a lot of gambling games to play at home and you should get started by trying any of the above games with your friends when next you get together. What could be more amazing than having fun with each other while betting a little amount of money? However, make sure that everyone understands the rules before they start playing to avoid unnecessary arguments.

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