Understanding Blackjack Hand Signals

The game of blackjack is one of the most popular casino games worldwide โ€” with extensive fundamental principles that boost the playing experience to another level. However, the game of blackjack may be slightly different when you are playing online or in a land-based casino.

When it comes to the blackjack hand signals, it creates a unique atmosphere between players โ€” thereby making the environment quiet as players don’t need to make sounds to interact with each other. They only need to indicate their action using hand gestures.

So, as a blackjack player who loves to play at local casinos, you need to be familiar with these hand gestures, as well as know when you need to use them during gameplay with confidence.

Learn Blackjack Hand Signals

What are the Blackjack Hand Signals?

Blackjack hand signals differ from each other, however, it all depends on the variant blackjack game that youโ€™re playing. 

In this article guide, we discuss the hand signals in the face-up and face-down in the blackjack game.

Letโ€™s get to it.

Face-up Blackjack Hand Signals

In the Face-up blackjack game, the dealer’s first two cards are face-up and the hand signals that you can use in this type of game are as follows:

  • Hit To indicate that you want to pick an active, you can gently tap on the table or point to the cards with your index finger.
  • Stand You only need to wave your hand over the cards with your palm facing down to indicate to the dealer that you want to proceed with the cards you have.
  • Double down A player can indicate that they want to double their bet and request a card by picking up the same amount equal to their original bet in chips and placing them next to the pile already on the table before tapping on the table gently with one index finger to alert the dealer of the action.
  • Split Placing a matching pile of chips next to your original bet while putting two fingers on the table without touching the cards will indicate that you want to split your pair of cards into two hands while doubling your bet.

Note: when youโ€™re playing blackjack with hand signals, you should never touch the cards or the chips youโ€™ve betted unless the round has finished and you want to pick up your winnings.

Video source Youtube Channel: DarkStar Blackjack

Video source Youtube Channel: DarkStar Blackjack

Face-down Blackjack Hand Signals

Face-down blackjack has different hand signals from Face-up blackjack. In the Face-down blackjack game, the dealer’s first two cards are face-down and players can pick up the cards and hold them in their hands. The hand signals that you can use in this type of blackjack game are as follows:

  • Hit Drag your cards on the table by moving them towards yourself.
  • Stand Place your cards underneath the chips without touching them.ย 
  • Double down/split Add a pile of chips next to your original bet while raising up one finger which will indicate that you want to double down but if you want to split, raise two fingers.

Is it good to use blackjack hand signals?

Hand signals in blackjack take the game to a whole new level โ€” thereby eliminating any irregularities such as noise which may lead to confusion. This may also be useful for the dealer in understanding the players without struggling to hear them.

Also, itโ€™s important to learn the blackjack universal signals to avoid confusing the dealer by making a mistake when playing. Using hand gestures in blackjack can speed up the game โ€” thereby making everything flow smoothly.

Blackjack hand signals

Keep in mind that land-based casinos that use hand signals in blackjack games take security protocols such as monitoring security footage in the case of a dispute.

What to Do If You Forget a Hand Signal in A Blackjack Game?

If you forget a hand signal during a blackjack game, don’t panic. Try to recall the signal by observing other players or subtly referring to any available guide or rulebook. If you’re still unsure, discreetly ask the dealer or a fellow player for clarification during a break in play. Remember, in blackjack, clear non-verbal communication is essential for smooth gameplay and to avoid any misunderstandings with your intentions.

Things you should know when playing blackjack

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, understanding the basic rules and etiquette can greatly enhance your gaming experience. Some basic tips when you play blackjack in a casino:

Keep your money on the table

If you are playing in a land-based casino, always keep your money on the table  โ€” this way, the dealer can check the money, count it, and give you the equivalent in chips.

Keep your chips organized

Always organize your chips according to their denomination which can be from the lower denominations to the higher ones, or vice versa. This helps keep the table clean and organized โ€” making it easy for the dealer to see your bets without trying hard.

Keep your hands to yourself

At the table, you donโ€™t just go around touching the chip you bet or cards in face-up blackjack during gameplay. Even if it’s face-down blackjack, you only need to pick up the cards using one hand โ€” this ensures that players donโ€™t mess with the cards. You can only touch the chips you have wagered when the round is over and you want to claim your winning.

Donโ€™t harass other players

Blackjack is a fun game and you need to desist from harassing other players during gameplay through behaviors that include but are not limited to yelling and swearing.

You can tip the dealer

If you are having a good streak during the game, you can tip the dealer. This is acceptable in almost any land-based casino.

Lastly, if you are playing blackjack in a land-based or online casino and forget a hand gesture, you can easily let the dealer know and youโ€™ll be casually reminded how to do it.


Playing blackjack in a land-based or online casino is very fun and the process is smooth and easy to understand. Also, you donโ€™t need to worry about issues because game rounds are automatically recorded and in the case of a dispute, the security footage will be reviewed to clear up the misunderstanding โ€” whether it’s in land-based or online casinos.

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