Video Poker Guide 101 – Double Bonus Poker Strategy

It’s important to understand that while the double bonus poker strategy is perfect for playing poker, it’s not a money-making strategy. We advise every player to desist from using gambling as a means of making money unless they are playing for fun!

While there are several strategies one can implement when playing video poker, it’s important to know that there’s no perfect strategy. Players only make use of these poker strategies to increase flush opportunities as they play.

Double bonus poker strategy is a popular variation of Jacks and Better video poker with boosted payouts for Four of Kind hands or a combination that includes a Pair of Jacks. 

Unlike many other casino games, Double Bonus poker is an interesting game that gives a tiny percentage of risk when you are using the double bonus strategy. A key part of using the double bonus poker strategy when playing poker is to know when to ignore the jackpot and go for other winning opportunities. In essence, it’s a game where the deuces wild strategy can significantly enhance your chances and decision-making.

For instance, in a poker game that pays a big bonus on four Aces, some players will ignore other winning opportunities, just to try winning the jackpot.

Video poker guide – Double bonus poker strategy

Double bonus strategy is one of the several moves players get to make to create flush opportunities and avoid losing too much at the tables while playing Double Bonus poker.

In this article guide, we’ll discuss the double bonus poker strategy and teach you how to implement it, while explaining the paytable and basic rules of using this strategy.

Double Bonus Poker: The basics

Unlike Jacks or Better, the Double Bonus poker is a bit different and features a high variance, you can’t expect to win every time but when you do, you can expect a big win. Before you can implement the Double Bonus strategy, it’s important to understand the game rules to know the best cards that you can put together to create the perfect possible winning hand.

One thing about the Double Bonus poker game is that the game pays out hugely for a Royal Flush with a maximum bet amount. To make the most out of the strategy, you can adjust the bet amount to a certain coin per hand.

At the beginning of the game, you will receive five cards which you’ll need to select the ones you want to hold and discard. Once you’ve discarded any card, it will be replaced from the deck. Also, you’re paid based on the possible combination of your hand.

Here’s what the payout of a full-pay Double Bonus video poker machine looks like with a one-coin bet:

  • Royal flush: 800
  • Straight flush: 50
  • 4 aces: 160
  • 4 of a kind 2-4: 80
  • 4 of a kind 5-K: 50
  • Full house: 10
  • Flush: 7
  • Straight: 5
  • 3 of a kind: 3
  • Two pair: 1
  • Jacks or better: 1

Double Bonus Poker Strategy

The double bonus poker strategy is all about understanding what you need to do in certain situations which includes the cards you need to discard and the ones you need to keep. While using this strategy may be overwhelming at first, it’ll get easier as you practice.

card in hand for double bonus poker strategy

Here’s what you need to know: 

Rank: Combination

  1. Four of a Kind, Royal Flush, Straight Flush
  2. 4 cards to Royal Flush
  3. Three Aces
  4. Straight Flush, Full House
  5. Three-of-a-Kind
  6. 4 cards to Straight Flush
  7. Two Pair
  8. High Pair
  9. 4 cards to Flush
  10.  3 cards to Royal Flush
  11.  4 cards open-ended straight draw
  12.  Low Pair
  13.  JQKA not suited
  14.  3 cards to Straight Flush (more high cards than gaps)
  15.  4 cards inside straight draw (3 high cards)
  16.  JQ suited
  17.  3 cards to Flush (2 high cards)
  18.  2 high cards suited
  19.  4 cards inside straight draw (2 high cards)
  20.  3 cards to Straight Flush (1 gap or 2 gaps with high card or 234 suited)
  21.  4 cards inside straight draw (1 high card)
  22.  JQK not suited
  23.  10 J suited
  24.  JQ not suited
  25.  3 cards to Flush (1 high card)
  26.  10 Q suited
  27.  3 cards to Straight Flush (2 gaps, no high cards)
  28.  JK, QK not suited
  29.  Ace
  30.  10 K suited
  31.  J, Q, K
  32.  4 cards inside straight draw (no high cards)
  33.  3 cards to Flush (no high cards)
  34.  Discard everything 

The above information shows each hands and how to correctly play them on full-pay poker machines to get close to the highest possible winning combination. But keep in mind that while this strategy is highly rewarding, a single mistake can make you lose.

Also, it’s important that you practice double bonus poker strategy and be conversant with what you are doing before betting with a huge bankroll. It’s all about always being 100% sure of what cards to keep and discard every time you play!


When used correctly, the Double Bonus strategy can be useful in maxing out your winning on Double Bonus poker. But keep in mind that this strategy requires practice and you have to be good at mathematics to know what cards to hold and discard at certain moments to create the best possible winning combination. So, be sure that you know what you are doing before you play with this strategy!

Double Bonus Poker Strategy F.A.Q’s

The best hands to hold when playing Double Bonus poker include Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Four of a Kind, Full House, Flush, Straight, Three of a Kind, Two Pair, or a pair of Jacks or Better.
The Double Bonus Poker has a single-play variance of 28.3 while the three-play version of Double Bonus Poker has a variance of 35.0.
You don’t need to change your strategy when using the Double bonus poker strategy. You only need to play according to the chart above while discarding and keeping the cards that you need to create a winning combination. Changing your strategy at a point will likely make you lose.

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