Double deck blackjack

Unlike other types of blackjack games, double decks blackjack are shuffled together and players can double down on hard 9, hard 10, and hard 11 before splitting. The double deck blackjack is an amazing type of blackjack game where players have increased opportunities and chances of winning.

Double-deck blackjack has become so popular due to its amazing rules that the single-deck game is gradually going extinct. Double-deck games have low limits on the floor — that’s because the more decks a Blackjack game has, the greater the House Edge will be against the player,

So, when it comes to the double deck blackjack playing strategy, it needs to be practiced and understood to comprehend it all. If possible, practice the double deck game in demo mode as a means to understand the entire game while implementing your playing strategy without the use of real money at first.

double deck blackjack

Double deck blackjack odds

Unlike other types of blackjack games, the double deck blackjack game is very lucrative — especially when you know how to utilize them to your advantage. The double-deck blackjack has only two decks in play and this makes the odds very favorable against other types of blackjack games.

Blackjack games have a wide range of odds, which are often influenced by certain factors such as the house edge, game rules, strategy used by the player, and dealer’s actions.

Double deck blackjack playing strategy

The double-deck blackjack playing strategy is not easy to comprehend and requires you as a player to familiarize yourself with the actions needed for each possible combination which can vary from hitting, standing, doubling down, or splitting. 

The main use of the double-deck blackjack playing strategy is to reduce the house edge — thereby making use of the game’s opportunity to win big.

Also, when you’re playing a double-deck blackjack game in any casino, make sure that you check the blackjack rules and the payout rate. This is because most casinos pay 6-5 for a blackjack which has a high house edge up to 1.80% instead of 3-2 while others don’t allow doubling down after important pair splitting.

So, if you are a blackjack player making use of a playing strategy in the double-blackjack game, you should only play blackjack that pays 3-2 and allows you to double down after pair splitting (DAS), and has a playing rule of S17 or H17.

Double-deck blackjack playing strategy — What you should know

Even though a perfect double-deck blackjack strategy is lucrative when a player utilizes it correctly — there are certain things to keep in mind and some of them are as follows:

  • Play at a blackjack table with the best rules

Double-deck blackjack is very interesting but when you are using a lucrative strategy — try to ensure that you are playing at 3:2 blackjack tables — where the rules are well visible on the table (If you are playing in a traditional casino) or in the rules section of the online casino game.

Some of the popular rules in the double-deck blackjack game are as follows: 

  • The Dealers must stand on soft 17.
  • Players can double down on any two cards.
  • Players can double down after splitting.
  • Players can or cannot resplit aces.
  • After splitting, an ace and ten value card (or Vice Versa) is not a blackjack.
  • Cards counting skill is important

If you know how to count cards, then you are in for a treat when playing the double-deck blackjack game. However, this can be tricky this time around, as casinos are now making use of machines to shuffle cards while taking other necessary precautions to limit players from using their card-counting skills.

With card counting skills, you should be able to understand when high- and low-value cards remain in the shoe — this can give you an edge in adjusting your bets and making strategic decisions that can result in you winning big.

Unlike playing blindly, a card counting skill gives you the insight you need to know when you are about to win as well as what you need to do. While it may be difficult to use a card counting skill in higher-deck games — it’s totally different in single or double-deck blackjack games because where the decks are not much, you’ll have a higher chance of being accurate in card counting.

  • If you are good at your strategy — don’t take insurance

It’s good to avoid insurance when you are good at the strategy you are using. Double-deck blackjack is a game of luck but when you have practiced and honed your strategy, it’s important to avoid fear which may make you take insurance when you might win a bet. You only take insurance when you know that you have little chance of winning your bet.

  • Can’t split or re-split?

If you can’t split in a double-deck blackjack game because of a limit on re-splitting, then take your hand as a hard total (except the aces). Even if you have a pair of aces that can’t be re-split and splitting of aces is allowed, then double against a 5 or 6 – or hit.

  • Test, learn, and hone your playing strategy

It’s one thing to know about a specific blackjack strategy but it’s another thing to test, learn, and hone your strategy in a way that’ll be beneficial to you when playing.

The double-deck blackjack game is a game that you could benefit from with the right tactics based on the rule variations and can be played at a land-based casino or at an online game casino.


The double-deck blackjack game has a few decks which is important because it allows the players with card counting skills and other strategies to decode the remaining cards in the deck during gameplay — thereby being able to know what cards a dealer could have or is likely to have. While the game is not as fun as single-deck blackjack, its fewer decks make it perfect for players.

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