Top 5 Gambling Coins Of 2024

A gambling coin is a token specifically designed to be used in the online gambling and gaming sector — these coins operate on blockchain to provide transparent and decentralized transactions.

The blockchain industry has impacted the online gambling industry in different ways such as bringing transparency, security, and decentralization to the gambling community — thereby enabling gamblers to have the betting experience.

Due to this, the online gambling market has taken a huge leap to 63.53 billion U.S. dollars while being estimated to rise to 184.28 billion U.S. dollars by 2032 — according to Statista — which is an increase of 190%. The anonymity and transparency of blockchain make it perfect for the gambling industry — and the creation of gambling coins makes crypto gambling an attractive opportunity for investors and gamblers looking for fun and entertainment in online casinos.

In this guide, we will explore the best gambling coins, breaking down their features, earnings potential, and many more.

Top 5 Gambling Coins Of 2024

1. Rollbit Coin ($RLB)

Rollbit coin is one of the best gambling coins at the moment with a circulating supply of 3,296,951,621 RLB and a market cap of $449m (at the time of writing this review – according to CoinMarketCap) — the RLB coin is an exclusive token from Rollbit that users can accumulate or win through regular promotions on the casino platform.

The RLB coin is a very popular gambling coin that is backed by software providers such as Pragmatic, Evolution Gaming, etc., which makes it the number one gambling coin in the crypto-gambling industry. Also, while the RLB token is used to gamble on Rollbit casino’s popular casino games, it can be traded on the casino’s NFT and Crypto Futures sections.

Due to these, the Rollbit coin is a multi-purpose asset which makes it a perfect choice for both new and advanced investors. To know more about Rollbit coin ($RLB) and the entire casino services, read more here.

2. FUNToken ($FUN)

FUNToken is another gambling coin that’s performing well in the iGaming community by leveraging the power of blockchain to improve the entire crypto-gambling industry.

FUNToken has a circulating supply of 10,962,808,529 FUN and a market cap of $63m (at the time of writing this review – according to CoinMarketCap) — the FUN coin is designed specifically for the gaming community, as it offers solutions such as transparency, fairness, and smooth integration with top crypto gaming platforms which can be a casino.

Unlike most gaming coins, FUNToken makes use of the Polygon blockchain which makes transaction fees a bit lower — thereby making it the perfect choice for almost everyone in the gaming community.

To know more about FUNToken coin ($FUN), read more here.

3. Decentral Games ($DG)

Decentral Games token $DG is a casino coin that aims to solve issues experienced with traditional casinos. Decentraland is a metaverse casino that offers games such as blackjack, roulette, and other interesting games with a user-friendly interface where bet with a wide range of currencies such as $ICE, $USDT, etc.

Per the Decentral Games whitepaper, the $DG coin has a circulating supply of 746,078,130 DG and a market cap of $22m (at the time of writing this review – according to CoinMarketCap) — the $DG coin has a strong community that regularly participate in governance to influence the platform’s growth and future directions. 

According to Decentral Games, some part of the revenue generated from casino games and other activities is reinvested into the ecosystem which helps create a self-sustaining loop, by making the platform decentralized.

To know more about Decentral Games coin ($DG) and the game services, read more here.

4. Exeedme ($XED)

Exeedme coin is a  popular gambling coin specifically designed to facilitate the peer-to-peer gaming economy — thereby using blockchain to bridge the gap between two game universes to allow the transfer or exchange of assets.

Exeedme aims for a more versatile digital multiverse, this way, traditional gamers will be able to able to make the most out of their in-game assets. On the Exeedme platform, players can challenge each other, place a wager on the outcome, and earn rewards such as NFTs or XED tokens according to their performance.

The $XED coin has a circulating supply of 91,430,976 XED and a market cap of $7m (at the time of writing this review – according to CoinMarketCap) — Exeedme focus is enabling gamers to benefit in their ecosystem and monetize their skills effectively.

To know more about Exeedme coin ($XED), read more here.

5. Hamster ($HAM)

Hamster ($HAM) is a popular gambling token with a strong community that focuses on transparency, trust, and longevity.  Hamster was created in 2021 as a meme token that aims to build the biggest decentralized ecosystem to ever exist in the crypto world.

DeFi platforms and protocols’ advantage is that they are permissionless which means that centralized entities cannot decide who can or cannot use the platform — thereby guaranteeing that these are open for anybody to use — this is what Hamster plans to achieve.

They want their users to have complete control of their funds on HamsterSwap (a decentralized exchange that enables investors to perform anonymous transactions with minimum information) — where users won’t be required to perform KYC or any other types of verification and AML.

The $HAM coin has a circulating supply of 2,384.23T HAM and a market cap of $5.15M (at the time of writing this review – according to CoinMarketCap) — Hamster focus is enabling gamers to benefit in their ecosystem and monetize their skills effectively.

To know more about the Hamster coin ($HAM), read more here.

Each of these gambling coins/tokens offers a wide range of options for different bettors and investors. While some platforms focus on providing blockchain-based games where assets and progress are transparently stored on the blockchain, others may invest in these gambling tokens that offer low entry prices and other advantages.


Gambling coins provide a lot of features, benefits, and many money-making opportunities which include high staking rewards unlike other types of coins, streamlined transactions, cost efficiency, enhanced anonymity and privacy, incentives and bonuses, low fees, provably fair, and many more. 

Gambling Coins F.A.Q’s

Gambling coins are cryptocurrencies, coins, and tokens that are connected to the gambling industry.
There are a lot of gambling coins that are owned by casinos that operate with a license on a secure platform. Some of these gambling coins even offer investors and gamblers opportunities such as high staking rewards and many more.
You can earn with gambling tokens by investing or staking them for rewards. However, keep in mind that investments are risky and should be done carefully.

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