Slow Roll Poker Strategy – A Terrible Way Of Play

While it’s fun to play fast during a poker game, however, that might not be a better option if you end up making inaccurate decisions. In a poker game, it is important to only play as fast as you can be accurate because accuracy is everything. Otherwise, if you don’t make the right decision, how can you win?

The slow roll poker strategy is a hideous playing skill that can lead to other players on the table being uncomfortable with anyone who uses it. That’s because the poker strategy involves you deceiving the other players on the table in a very bad way.

In this article guide, we will explain the slow roll poker strategy, what it means, how a player uses it, and why you shouldn’t use it.

slow roll poker strategy

What Is The Slow Roll Poker Strategy?

A player who uses the slow roll poker strategy delays showing a winning hand at showdown or delays calling a bet/raise before showdown — to make the opponent think they are about to win when they are not. 

It’s when a player fakes defeat to their opponent or mis-declares or misinterprets their hand at showdown, and then reveals their winning cards later.

Should I Make Use Of Slow Roll Poker Strategy?

If you are ready to be criticized by other players at the table for terribly deceiving them, then you won’t have any other issue making use of the slow roll poker strategy.

Slow rolling gives your opponent the false hope that they are going to win whereas you’ve already got them losing for a while — think of it as a wound and you continue to rub salts on it. If you have the winning hand, why not show your cards at showdown and save your opponent the harmful experience of being embarrassed for a prolonged period of time to avoid losing the sportsmanship?

How To Avoid Using The Slow Roll Poker Strategy

Most poker players make use of slow roll poker strategy without even knowing it, while others do so because they feel like embarrassing their opponent. However, why spoil the fun of playing professionally with a strategy that might get your opponent furious?

It’s best to avoid it, here’s how to do so.

  • Always reveal your cards when it’s your turn to show them.
  • When you have the best possible hand, don’t delay, call for an all-in bet instantly.
  • Don’t mis-declare your hand intentionally, always double-check it before the showdown.
  • If you are a newbie trying to understand what is the best possible hand, you can show your cards to the dealer at Showdown and let them figure it out — even experienced players do this.

The reason why the slow low poker strategy is not worth using is that if you ever use it towards an opponent where a large sum of money is involved — it won’t be any fun and in fact could be a risk to you.

Can I Use Slow Roll In Live Or Online Poker? 

Whether you are playing online or at a land-based casino, it’s not worth it to make use of the slow roll poker strategy, especially when you can use the time to stall and focus on the table.

Always make sure that you play accurately and declare your cards or show your winning hand when there’s a need to. Even if you are playing many tables at the same time (multi-tabling online) — always try your best to keep the game fun by playing accurately and not making your opponent look stupid.


Using the slow roll poker strategy towards your opponent can unimaginably hurt their feelings — that’s why it’s advisable to not make use of this strategy. It’s important that you play professionally but accurately, even when you choose to take your time to calculate your hand, don’t take too long. 

Slow Roll Poker Strategy F.A.Q’s

It's important that you only play as fast as you can be accurate, you don't want to end up making mistakes that could cost you.
There are many strategies and tips you can use while playing blackjack, however, keeping high cards such as Jacks, Queen, Kings, etc., or completing your hands if you are one card away from, Flush and Straight is very effective.
Slow roll is a poker strategy where a player plays a strong hand weakly to confuse the opponent, thereby letting them think they are about to win. But slow play is a player who just takes a while to make a move.

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